Interview: Go Betty Go

I´ve always wanted to have a chat with this girls. Taking the opportunity of their reunion for the recording of their new ep, we sent them this interview, that they gently answered. If you want to get to know them better, read it carefully.Vdp: It´s a real pleasure to interview you. “Go Betty go” is an all-girl band with very good melodies and a real powerful sound, but how would you introduce yourselves?

Thank you viviendodelpunk! It’s our pleasure and we’re happy that you’re giving us a chance to be part of your site. We just love punk rock and rock and roll, so we play from the soul and are inspired by the melodies that drive our music.

Vdp: After Nicolette disbanded on 2005, is a great new the reunion of the band with the original formation. What have promoted the reunion?

Aixa: Betty has a friend who booked the band at her club without us even being reunited, for a one time show. We all thought it would be fun, no strings attached. So the push of a show, just had us thinking “Why not”??? So we played and had a blast! The show was so good and we felt great about playing together again, that we decided to start playing and writing once more.
Michelle: I think what promoted a reunion with all four of us is that we missed each other and missed playing together. 🙂

Vdp: …And this reunion comes with a new EP. What can you say about the new record?

Aixa: Since our reunion, we’ve been playing and writing new songs. We’re recording them for our fans who want to hear new GBG music. However we’re no longer on a label, so we have to do it on our own. The amazing this time around is that our fans are the ones contributing towards the making of this new CD and they get fun exclusive behind the scene updates, something we’ve never done before.
Michelle: The new record is going to be awesome! There is this new energy and excitement between all four us. It’s a new breath of fresh air and we are enjoying playing with each other. The couple new songs we have are so much fun to play live, it’s been over 5 years since we’d played new songs so it’s definitely great! I can’t wait to hear the record when it’s done!

Vdp: In other matters, I always loved the “chicano” punk. Since i discovered bands like “Voodoo Glow Skulls” or “Union 13” in punk compilations, i had affection for them. In a society like the american, ¿Do you like the Term “Chicano” Punk?

GBG:We love those bands too and played tours with them as well. I understand how we sometimes fall into the “Chicano” punk scene, but mainly because we’re all of Latin decent and we have a few songs in Spanish. It’s been amazing how all scenes have been embraced and welcomed us.

Vdp: Which bands do you recommend to the Spanish people from that scene?

Aixa: There is an amazing LA based band with a Columbian singer called Wonder Fox that we played with a few months. They’re not puck rock, but Isabel can sure rock out on her guitar and vocals, they’re really good. They recently opened up for Julieta Venegas here in LA.

Vdp: Turning to Go Betty go, What was the motivation on making a crowdfunding Project?*

Aixa: The amazing supportive fans throughout the years. They want the new music as much as we want to make it. Our fans are one of the big motivators that keep us creating new music and playing live.
Michelle: Our motivation was the want to make a new album and going down the route of a crowd funded record, it allows us to do so the way we want. We also loved the idea of getting our fans, old and new, involved in the process! They’re able to share special moments with us through the making of it and get excited about it with us.

Vdp: After paying your rewards on the crowdfunding Project, are you going to tour the record? Which are your plans?

Betty: I don’t see touring in our near future, due to the fact that we’ve all got such different schedules, but i’d like to. Touring is a lot of fun, but can be really tough and time consuming. If there were a way to somehow squeeze a power tour (maybe a week straight) in our schedule… That’d be fantastic.

Vdp: As you are “Latinas” like me, our culture have a strong familiar sense between the members of a family, How you live this?

Betty: I’m super close to my family. They definitely inspire me to stay focused on what i love to do, but make it a point to never let my head get too big. Haha.

Vdp: Talking about familiar links, the situation now is quite different from the one you had at the beginning of the 2000´s. In this time now you have even children, do you think that this change the way you see things in life? And your musical projects?

Michelle: Having my son definitely changes how I see life, it’s a lot scarier, you don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Before it was all about what I wanted and was best for me. Now it’s about him. With kids you have to re-prioritize things in life. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever do things for yourself or by yourself that don’t involve them or that your personal life is now over. It’s just a bit more complicated, things have to be planned out more and you have to learn to say no to things that don’t go with your schedule. I love that my son gets to see me do something I really enjoy! It’s important for him to grow up and see that. He goes to our all ages show and loves watching our videos. Maybe he’ll become a musician too!
Betty: Things are different today, but not because one of us had kids. But because we’ve grown. Our mentalities are different from when we first started this band. we took a long, much needed break and now we just want to make a new album because we love to play. We love to make music, we love our fans and want to continue to stay connected with everyone who has been a part of our project throughout our long journey.

Vdp: Also the “Latino” culture is linked to a religious feeling. How is that in your case?

Michelle: My parents were pretty religious while I was growing. The values they instilled in me were definitely good ones. Now that I’m starting my own little family I’m not raising my son with a specific religion but more with spiritual values.
Nicolette: Religion has always been in the air in our house hold. My parents have always had religious iconography around the house and we’ve always loved to talk about all kinds of spirituality. My father is a big fan of religions in general, studying everything from Buddhism to Mormonism. I love how religion can sometimes be a gathering place for the community. I started out being a punk by going to Christian punk shows in church basements. I also like how religion creates ceremony around things that we’d otherwise take for granted. But I don’t partake in organized religion because I find that it restricts my ability to think for myself. I find that spirituality is a very personal thing and I love that I have the freedom to create my own theories of spirituality and the universe. I also do not like how organized religions can often discriminate and separate people.

Vdp: Turning back to music. How you see the punk-rock scene nowadays? Do you think something new is happening? What do you think is becoming in style? How´s the air on the other side of the Atlantic?

Nicolette: I’m happy to see more women in Los Angeles picking up instruments and starting punk bands. Not only are there more female integrated bands but they are intense aggressive and exciting to watch. We did a show recently where we played with A Pretty Mess and The Last Gang. Both of which were fantastic aggressive punk bands. Punk is a genre that has forever influenced rock music and vice versa and although there are a whole lot of bands here in the city of angels that wouldn’t consider themselves full fledged punk bands, you hear the influence and you see the flair. Punk has evolved and is still very much part of the Los Angeles music scene.

Vdp: Turning to go Betty go, What should we expect from the future?

Aixa: First will be to make our Pledge Music campaign goal, because we need to reach it in the next couple months to be able to release our EP. Once we release it, we’ll keep playing shows in the LA and California area’s and online for the world to watch! Hopefully with the help of social media we could spread the word about GBG’s return and our new music.

*You can pledge on their crowdfunding proyect and that way stay informed on the updates of the new ep´s recording process in the following website:



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